Packaging design

A Wellspring of Custom Ideas

We're not the typical packaging design agency. Of course we're dedicated to creating outstanding aesthetics, but what sets us apart is our understanding of structural design, material science, manufacturing processes, and user experience. We know what it takes to develop structures that can be manufactured at scale and on budget, all while presenting your products in a way that will stand out on shelves and perform for your end users.

As innovative packaging experts, we can turn napkin sketches into head-turning packaging. Delivering creative packaging solutions that move the revenue needle to attract fans and build brand loyalty. Whether it’s food, retail, e-commerce, or subscription box packaging design, our in-house industrial design team brings vision and strategy together to create custom packaging designs that make both marketers and engineers smile (really).

High Concept, All Custom, No Ego

At Fuseneo, we’re down-to-earth design nerds with wild creative streaks and a passion for divergent thinking. We favor conversations over bloated briefs. It’s how we identify your true brand goals and design and deliver solutions faster. Working as integral partners with both your marketing and engineering teams, we bring perspective, depth, experience, and new dimensions of rationale to your packaging strategies. The results are fresh packaging design interpretations to inspire brand love and drive success.

We design Creative Packaging Solutions for:

  • CPG packaging
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Electronics packaging
  • E-Commerce packaging
  • Fragile Item packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Toy packaging
  • Apparel packaging
  • Service packaging
  • Reusable packaging

Simplicity is an Art Form

Packaging design is a complex art, balancing competing demands like cost, manufacturing, and sustainability. Fuseneo simplifies the process with a proven design approach. We strategically merge your knowledge and insights with our creative packaging expertise to design aesthetically-pleasing, on-brand solutions that perform effortlessly, so you can conquer the market in record time.
And because we’re process-, vendor-, and material-agnostic, our only agenda is designing the best packaging solution for you. You own the intellectual property and you’re free to source production with total flexibility. Isn’t that what custom packaging design should be?


We have gone into projects with heavy demands and a lot of unknowns. Fuseneo makes the effort to know our brand completely in order to quickly find a diverse range of solutions—options that explore structure, materials and user experience. All the while, they are helping us realize greater sustainability in our packaging.
Andy Corlett


Andy Corlett

Global Director of Packaging

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At first I was skeptical that a small agency could really meet our demanding needs and deadlines. Not only does Fuseneo work smart and fast, they continue to impress us by delivering creative, actionable ideas and prototypes that exceed our expectations.
Kim Houchens


Kim Houchens

Director of Customer Packaging Experience

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Fuseneo has an unnatural expertise in packaging, but we've also leveraged their design and prototyping capabilities in other areas, from product engineering to consumer facing point-of-purchase displays. They have a knack for delivering on the impossible, often without a formal brief.
Jeffrey Rosenfeld


Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Senior Marketing Manager

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Design the packaging your brand deserves

Never settle for postscript or ad hoc design. Our dynamic approach to ideation explores every custom packaging possibility in form and function, and on the fast track. So you can achieve breakneck breakthroughs worthy of your brand and attention. Let us dream up your next successful product packaging.