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of new products fail

What's even crazier is that a lot of these fail just because of bad packaging. Many brands pour their heart and soul into developing a new product, only to set it up for failure by neglecting its package. Packaging does much more than get your product from A to B. It provides the first impression for customers and the last line of defense against damage. Get packaging wrong, and your brand will rack up bad reviews and landfill waste in no time.

there's too much riding on your packaging to make it an afterthought

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We know how frustrating it is to see good products suffer from bad packaging. That's why for over a decade we've been helping some of the world's leading brands go further with better packaging.

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At first I was skeptical that a small agency could really meet our demanding needs and deadlines. Not only does Fuseneo work smart and fast, they continue to impress us by delivering creative, actionable ideas and prototypes that exceed our expectations.
Kim Houchens


Kim Houchens

Director of Customer Packaging Experience

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Fuseneo has an unnatural expertise in packaging, but we've also leveraged their design and prototyping capabilities in other areas, from product engineering to consumer facing point-of-purchase displays. They have a knack for delivering on the impossible, often without a formal brief.
Jeffrey Rosenfeld


Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Senior Marketing Manager

We have gone into projects with heavy demands and a lot of unknowns. Fuseneo makes the effort to know our brand completely in order to quickly find a diverse range of solutions—options that explore structure, materials and user experience. All the while, they are helping us realize greater sustainability in our packaging.
Andy Corlett


Andy Corlett

Global Director of Packaging

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No packaging can fix a sucky product, but bad packaging can sink a great one. We hate seeing brands held back from their potential, which is why we specialize in packaging designed to both look great and work great. So you can stop worrying about your packaging and focus on growing your brand.

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