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No brand wants to get left behind in e-commerce or turned away by Amazon. If your packaging isn’t optimized for this channel, it can seriously disappoint on arrival—or may not survive the journey at all. Make sure your brand shows up strong on your customers’ doorsteps with e-commerce package testing.

Fuseneo not only offers marketers packaging design for selling on Amazon, but engineers call on us when they need Amazon package testing done right and done right now. As an Amazon trusted partner with accredited ISTA packaging testing and standards, we understand the requirements to design, test, and certify packaging with Amazon. For your package testing, put us to the test. There’s no one faster or better.

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It takes a different strategy to create packaging that performs in e-commerce. As an Amazon trusted partner with an ISTA certified testing lab, we understand it also takes a proven strategy to test that packaging for e-com performance packaging for Amazon. Fuseneo is your strategic performance partner and a partner in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS). As a member in this network of design agencies, test labs, and suppliers, we understand what’s needed to certify as Amazon ecommerce packaging. Our team can design and test for Frustration-Free Packaging certification, protection, efficiency, sustainability, and a great unboxing experience. We’re equipped to ensure your packaging performs all the way to the doorstep.

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Make sure your products arrive in one piece. Our package testing lab follows ISTA testing standards for Amazon certification, simulating fulfillment conditions that can cause damage along the way. From FFP, to SIOC, to Overbox Amazon testing, we put your packaging through the shipping rigors to ensure performance and certification. We can also make further use of testing as a tool for designing and engineering e-com packaging that’s optimized for protection.

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Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging program incentivizes manufacturers to package their products in easy-to-open packaging that is 100% recyclable and ready to ship to customers without additional Amazon boxes.

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Fuseneo has an unnatural expertise in packaging, but we've also leveraged their design and prototyping capabilities in other areas, from product engineering to consumer facing point-of-purchase displays. They have a knack for delivering on the impossible, often without a formal brief.
Jeffrey Rosenfeld


Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Senior Marketing Manager

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At first I was skeptical that a small agency could really meet our demanding needs and deadlines. Not only does Fuseneo work smart and fast, they continue to impress us by delivering creative, actionable ideas and prototypes that exceed our expectations.
Kim Houchens


Kim Houchens

Director of Customer Packaging Experience

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We have gone into projects with heavy demands and a lot of unknowns. Fuseneo makes the effort to know our brand completely in order to quickly find a diverse range of solutions—options that explore structure, materials and user experience. All the while, they are helping us realize greater sustainability in our packaging.
Andy Corlett


Andy Corlett

Global Director of Packaging

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Start Innovating for E-Com

Avoid the guesswork—create e-com packaging that’s tested, delivered, and works. As a close Amazon partner, we know their fulfillment systems and understand their certification requirements better than any. Get in touch with us today for the best strategies and fastest, most reliable test solutions for your brand.