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Packaging should have a big impact when it comes to shelf presence and unboxing, not on the environment. But optimizing your impact is far from simple. Balancing factors like recyclability and right-sizing with everything else your packaging needs to do can feel like losing a game of whack-a-mole.

Get the whole picture in view, and meet all the demands on your packaging while making a difference for the planet where it counts most.


Extra materials, extra space, it all adds up. We believe the best packaging is no packaging whenever possible, but thoughtful design can prevent waste and save truck space to keep your packaging's footprint small.


All our efforts for sustainability are negated if brand new products are going to landfills broken. Protective packaging is like playing sustainability defense (not to mention it's great for consumers and brands alike).


What happens when your packaging lingers around, harming the environment for years? We call it zombie packaging, and we're trying to stop it. Whether reusing, recycling, or composting, we'll help you plan your packaging's funeral in the design phase and send it to a better place.

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5 Fatal Flaws of Packaging

Packaging can't fix a sucky product, but it can sink a great one. Here are the five most common ways we see good products suffer from bad packaging.

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Amazon's New Packaging Standards

Amazon is raising the bar when it comes to packaging for online retail. What does that mean for your brand? Here's a look at each certification tier, and the factors that vendors and sellers need to consider.

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unpacked: a video series exploring all things packaging


How To Brand Your Packaging pt. 3


When you're designing packaging, two major areas of consideration are sustainability and branding. But these are not isolated—sustainability factors can actually serve to communicate what's important to your brand.


How To Trash Recycling pt. 5

Mixed Signals

Really want to destroy recyclability? Give your customers the silent treatment. What we say (or don't say) is a major deciding factor for where your packaging ends up and how it goes through the recycling system.


How To Trash Recycling pt. 4

Sink or Sort

One part of the recycling process is giving plastic items a bath. And here, the plastic resins we choose can cause trouble in the sink/float sortation process.


How To Trash Recycling pt. 3

Together Forever

Recyclable + Recyclable = Garbage?!? The math doesn't seem to add up. Combining materials in just the wrong ways can make them no longer recyclable.


How To Trash Recycling pt. 2

Gum Up The Works

Did you know, you can turn recyclable materials into garbage just by using them in certain ways? Certain design decisions regarding shape, size and format can ruin packaging recyclability. You're welcome.


How To Trash Recycling pt. 1

Off-Color Materials

We're all about sustainability here, but what if you want to make sure your packaging is NON-recyclable? Well, you have options—lots of them. First, let's look at the materials you choose.


A Good Clean Fight

Grove Collaborative vs. Clean Revolution

Reusable packaging is all the rage for its sustainability, convenience and unique experience. Here are two very different approaches to reusable packaging for cleaning products.


Shave Off!

Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry's

A look at how these pioneers of subscription box shaving each use packaging structures and graphics to create a custom experience, not to mention the implications on sustainability along the way.


Prep-Free Packaging

Sorry To Burst Your Bubblewrap

What's the deal with prep? Tier 3 of Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging is all about protection and shippability, but it still gets shipped in an overbox. We break down what it's all about, and what it means for testing.


Tide Eco-Box

More Fun Than Washing Your Undies

How do you make a detergent bottle that ships without an over-box? Turn it into a box. Tide rethinks the classic jug with a bag-in-box solution. For our first unboxing video, Brent tears it apart to check it out from every angle.

We have gone into projects with heavy demands and a lot of unknowns. Fuseneo makes the effort to know our brand completely in order to quickly find a diverse range of solutions—options that explore structure, materials and user experience. All the while, they are helping us realize greater sustainability in our packaging.
Andy Corlett


Andy Corlett

Global Director of Packaging

Don't waste money on wasteful packaging. See the whole picture, and design packaging that helps you meet your sustainability goals.

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