case studies

"so what exactly do you guys do?"

Sometimes showing works a lot better than telling. Here are a few projects that give an idea of the problems we help brands solve, and how.

Jaclyn Lindberg

Master Chef

Brent Lindberg

Head of Curiosity


Jim Clark

Head of Collaboration
Architecture Buff

Brain Storm

Carol North

Graphic Designer
Adventure Seeker

Jay Jeon

Industrial Designer
Design Wizard

Andy Johansen

Industrial Designer
Road Tripper

Sarah Frascone

Graphic Designer
Interior Design Lover

Studio Desk

Amy Severson

Graphic Designer
Water Skier

Pat Quinn

Industrial Designer
Coffee Connoisseur

Vi Lam

Industrial Designer
Design Ninja

Brian Piller

Industrial Designer
Spicy Food Seeker

Janice Crimmins

Studio Coordinator
Music Enthusiast

LRS Tour


Mabri Briggs

Project Manager
Local Tour Guide

Business Card


Fetching Coffee
Chasing down leads