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No brand wants to get left behind in e-commerce. If your packaging isn't optimized for this channel, it can seriously disappoint on arrival—or may not survive the journey at all. Make sure your brand is showing up strong on your customers' doorsteps, with e-com packaging done right.


It takes a different strategy to create packaging that performs in e-commerce. As an APASS participant, we are equipped to help you design packaging that performs all the way to the doorstep. What's APASS? It's the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network, a network of design agencies, test labs and suppliers who know what it takes for packaging to perform in e-commerce. Our team can design for FFP certification, ensuring protection, efficiency, sustainability and a great unboxing experience.


Make sure your products arrive in one piece. Our packaging test lab uses ISTA-6 testing for Amazon certification, simulating fulfillment conditions that can cause damage along the way. We can make use of testing not just for the certification process, but as a tool for designing and engineering e-com packaging that's optimized for protection.

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Amazon's New Packaging Standards

Amazon is raising the bar when it comes to packaging for online retail. What does that mean for your brand? Here's a look at each certification tier, and the factors that vendors and sellers need to consider.

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What Is E-commerce Packaging?

Packaging has to do a lot—for the product, for the brand and for the consumer. How do packaging's fundamental duties change? Designing for e-com means thinking differently.

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unpacked: a video series exploring all things packaging


A Good Clean Fight

Grove Collaborative vs. Clean Revolution

Reusable packaging is all the rage for its sustainability, convenience and unique experience. Here are two very different approaches to reusable packaging for cleaning products.


Certifying Variants

All For One, One For All

If you sell a lot of products on Amazon, certifying packaging for FFP can be a big task. Form Factor Certification can make it as easy as Copy + Paste.


Shave Off!

Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry's

A look at how these pioneers of subscription box shaving each use packaging structures and graphics to create a custom experience, not to mention the implications on sustainability along the way.


Prep-Free Packaging

Sorry To Burst Your Bubblewrap

What's the deal with prep? Tier 3 of Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging is all about protection and shippability, but it still gets shipped in an overbox. We break down what it's all about, and what it means for testing.


Tide Eco-Box

More Fun Than Washing Your Undies

How do you make a detergent bottle that ships without an over-box? Turn it into a box. Tide rethinks the classic jug with a bag-in-box solution. For our first unboxing video, Brent tears it apart to check it out from every angle.



Look Mom, No Overbox!

Did you know your products on Amazon could roam free in their skivvies, with no overbox to hold them back? Scandalous. But for some, it's actually a requirement. In this video we explain SIOC packaging and some rules about sizes.

At first I was skeptical that a small agency could really meet our demanding needs and deadlines. Not only does Fuseneo work smart and fast, they continue to impress us by delivering creative, actionable ideas and prototypes that exceed our expectations.
Kim Houchens


Kim Houchens

Director of Customer Packaging Experience

Stop the guesswork—create e-com packaging that works. As a close partner to Amazon, we know their fulfillment systems and certification requirements like no one else. Get in touch with us today to find the right solutions and strategies for your brand.

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