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They say "a picture paints a thousand words." But sometimes words and pictures aren't enough. Bridge the imagination gap with prototypes that bring ideas to life.

Packaging prototypes can take many forms, but come in 2 basic varieties: looks-like and works-like. Either way, prototypes can help speed up the process by refining concepts and driving decisions.

the form

What if you could hold a design concept in your hands? Visual prototypes help get everyone on board when sketches and renderings fall flat. We hand craft each prototype with mock-fill and realistic finishes to simulate the final result.

the function

Functional prototypes serve to prove concepts and fine-tune the structural details, speeding up the design process and making sure your packaging works as great as it looks.

custom packaging solutions

take a closer look

Fuseneo has an unnatural expertise in packaging, but we've also leveraged their design and prototyping capabilities in other areas, from product engineering to consumer facing point-of-purchase displays. They have a knack for delivering on the impossible, often without a formal brief.
Jeffrey Rosenfeld


Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Senior Marketing Manager

see your packaging take shape

Don't design packaging in the dark. Get your hands on a design before it hits production, and feel the difference. Whether prototypes are all you need, or you have a bigger design project that could be turbo boosted with prototyping, we've got you covered.

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